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Angelique says: Liz is the best deep tissue massage therapist in all of Central Florida. She played an integral role in helping me recover after an auto accident and release tension from my injuries when doctors only wanted to prescribe me pain meds and muscle relaxers. Although the process is not always pleasant, she is able to do release work that has given me my mobility back so I can turn my head and neck and given me flexibility back in my hips where my pelvis was knocked out of alignment. She has been a God-send because I personally was not a fan of mess and trigger point injections or the risks and side effects associated with it. Thank you Liz for helping me get my life back after my accident so I don’t feel like an old woman before my time! Regular sessions have been necessary to maintain results but it has been so worth it so I can function properly at home and at work! My daughter and my clients depend on me and Liz keeps me functioning properly!

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