Cory Baker

Voice Actor

San Diego, CA

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If you are looking for someone to care about a project as much as you do then I’m your guy. If I’m attaching my name to a piece then it will get every ounce... View More

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Thommy J.
Thommy J.

Cory did a voice over for my school commercial and crushed it. He totally stole the scene in the commercial! Highly recommend

Duncan L.
Duncan L.

I would highly recommend Cory! Extremely hard worker and exceeds expectations in all tasks. Cory and I worked together for 2 years at a previous job.

Heather W.
Heather W.

I was blown away by Corys voice acting skills and range of characters he could do on command. His level of professionalism and creativity is uncharted and his is a joy to work with!

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