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Welcome to GreatAt - a place for wonderful customers like you to work with outstanding service providers! You’re probably here because someone you know is a GreatAt service provider, or one was recommended to you by a friend.

Customers use GreatAt to learn about service providers before choosing to contact or work with them. GreatAt gives you an easy way to communicate, pay, rate and review the people you choose to work with.

GreatAt is 100% Free for customers to use. You pay the service provider only the agreed upon price for services.

Below, you’ll learn more about how GreatAt works...


One of the best ways to help ensure positive and safe experiences is to work with people you personally know, along with those referred to you by trusted contacts.

Always use common sense and take the same precautions using GreatAt as you would when working with new service providers through any other channels such as a company's website or other online directories.

Never put yourself at risk by meeting untrusted strangers. Instead, use your existing connections through social media to identify and work with trusted contacts and personal referrals.


GreatAt provides plenty of important information to help customers choose the right service provider.

When visiting a GreatAt profile, you’ll first notice a service provider’s average rating, along with the number of ratings they have received. Only customers who have actually paid the service provider are able to leave a rating and/or review.

By visiting the Reviews area of the profile, you can read feedback from other customers to better understand the overall performance of the service provider. If the reviews seem incomplete or suspicious in any way, please report the profile to our team.

You can also tap on the info or checkmark icon next to a provider's name to learn what verified information GreatAt has received from the provider.

Making Contact

To contact a service provider you trust, simply tap on the Contact icon on a provide's profile. To keep our community safe, you’ll be asked to verify your identity by providing a valid payment method. You will not be charged when submitting this information.

Our system protects your personal contact information such as phone number and email address and this info is not shared with the service provider.

After sending your message, the service provider will be notified and you should receive a timely response. When you receive a response, GreatAt will send you an email or text message. You can control how you receive messages from others in the Notifications area of your account settings.


Use GreatAt’s chat feature as an opportunity to learn more about a service provider and to decide if working with them is right for you. Doing so also allows you to have a written record of agreed upon items such as the price and scope of services to be provided.

If something isn’t right, you can easily report suspicious behavior to our team. You can also use GreatAt’s chat feature to block unwanted messages.

Payments & Tips

You can easily pay a service provider at any time by tapping the ‘$’ icon on their profile, or from within your chat conversation. If you received exceptional service and are happy with their work, you also have the option to leave a tip.

Ratings & Reviews

After paying a service provider, you’ll be asked to rate and review their performance. Your review helps the service provider improve their work and also provides valuable feedback to other potential customers.

You’ll also have the chance to recommend your favorite service providers to your friends on Facebook - probably the best compliment you could ever give!

Any rating or review you leave will be publicly visible on the service provider’s GreatAt profile.

Following & Photo Feed

GreatAt also provides you with an area to follow the service providers you’ve worked with. Posts from your service providers will appear in your private photo feed - not publicly visible.

You can easily hide posts from any service providers that you choose to unfollow.

Nominate a Great!

By choosing to work with and recommend service providers on GreatAt you’re really helping someone earn an income and grow their personal business. In a world where technology is changing the traditional job landscape, GreatAt is providing new opportunities to those who need it.

If you know any independent service providers who could benefit from GreatAt, we kindly ask that you ‘Nominate a Great’ and invite them to try our service using the link below:

As always, our team is standing by to help answer any questions.

Thanks for reading!

-The GreatAt Team