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San Diego, CA

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Sarah P.
Sarah P.

False advertisement, there is only one cookie design to decorate. There was not enough frosting for the event. I was buyer #5 and was suppose to get a free drink. She never announced it at the event or sent an email. The next day I saw a message from her on this link an hour before the event. She also never responded to my message regarding my issues.

Amy C.
Amy C.

Terri Fry is not only very talented at her craft but she is the sweetest.🥰Decorating cookies is super fun for a group of friends!

Jake T.
Jake T.

Terri is baking us cute cookies of our GreatAt logo for our Pop-Up Dinner Party event at Crushed. So excited!!

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Mom M.
Mom M.

Terri was professional and responsive. The cookies were delivered via mail and were impeccable and absolutely stunning! They were fresh and delicious, although almost tooo pretty to eat!!! Will definitely be ordering again!!

Liz B.
Liz B.

Terri is so talented and can pretty much make anything I’ve asked!

Lisa E.
Lisa E.

I can go on and on about how amazing Terri is!!! Not only is her work absolutely beautiful, but it tastes amazing!! Terri made a beautiful wedding cake for us, and a side chocolate round cake to keep us to budget, as well as delicious brownies and lemon bars.
The cake was so delicious, people are still talking about it. I even had friends who said they went back for thirds. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and cake is always like meh. But Terri’s lemon cake with lemon butter cream filling and vanilla butter cream frosting was so good... we ended up eating our top tier cake in a few weeks after the wedding. We decided it would be a waste to eat it in a year! I’m hoping to put in an order for a little version of the same cake for our anniversary, if she’s not too big by then. Cuz this chick is amazing!!!
Terri has the cutest Instagram Donetoatee. She is so talented!! And sweet and cute!!! See I can go on and on!!!

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