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Here to help you build your business! Feel free to ask me any questions. - Social Media Expert - 10M+ Views on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube - Event... View More

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Maggie Rose Johnson Esthetician

Jake says: Maggie’s a great person who hard working and genuinely kind. She does amazing work!

Cory Baker Voice Actor

Jake says: Cory has the voice!

Danny Trifone Aquarium Consultant

Jake says: Danny’s background in marine biology and years of hands on experience in large-scale institutional aquariums make him an expert in the field!

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Heather Wilson Heather Wilson Designs

Jake says: Heather designed a logo for Blue Door Media and it came out fantastic! She’s very punctual and easy to work with

Leah Rich Fitness Professional

Jake says: I’ve been training with Leah for 6 months and she’s incredible!

Aayush Swamy Cinematographer/Digital A...

Jake says: Aayush creates incredible videos and he’s super easy to work with. Always a pleasure!!

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