Meet Kendall

From side hustle to small business, this online coach talks about her path
to success.

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Kendall Strampel, Online fitness and Business Coach. After recording video at my local gym, I’m working at home in my PJ's.

A blossoming entreprenuer, Kendall uses her rapidly growing reach to promote health and fitness.

What got you started in your line of work?

My passion for health and fitness. After recovering from an eating disorder I found my love for body building and fueling my body. After sharing my journey on social media and seeing how it helped other women, I knew I wanted to do this full-time.

What were some of your earliest jobs or side hustles? Any memories that helped put you on your current path?

The only job I had prior to owning my own business was working at McDonalds. And boy, did I learn a lot about people working there. I remember the responses I’d get when I started sharing my journey on social media. I started to feel as if it was my duty to help others.

How did you eventually strike out on your own, making your own living as an independent service provider?

I kept creating content, invested in myself and mentors, and went all in. Fortunately, once I started, it continued to grow and I never looked back.

Kendall specializes in helping millenial women get fit and love their bodies without sacrificing fun foods.

Did this happen immediately, or gradually over time?

It took time to build my audience, infrastructure and dynamics of my business.

What are some of the things you do to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied? Other keys to your success?

I make sure that my clients all receive plans and weekly support from me one on one. I check in with each client weekly to adjust training, nutrition and mindset. It’s extremely important that my clients feel confident in their fitness journey and see results.

What are some ways to attract new customers and grow your business that have worked well for you?

Instagram has always been my leading platform for new customers. Once they become a customer, I invite them into my private facebook so my clients can all learn from each other and motivate one another. I also have a weekly podcast to share more free value to attract new people!

Have you paid for small business services (websites, marketing, etc) or joined marketplaces that fell short of your expectations?

Yes I have paid for sooooo many. So many services ask for money upfront before you know if they can actually help you or not.

Are you aware of the fees that other marketplaces (directories, on-demand apps, etc) in your industry charge service providers like you?

Sometimes. Some are hidden and they shatter my soul : /

What aspects of GreatAt help make you or your customers' lives easier?

GreatAt makes everything extremely accessible and easy to find! I love that testimonials, ratings and reviews can be left from my clients. This helps me with credibility when new clients see my profile.

Kendall has honed her program to produce the very best results for her clients.

How would you describe GreatAt to a friend?

I would explain it as a platform to give a customer or client the best and most organized experience in purchasing or inquiring about a service. It is accessible and allows you to include all your services in one link.

What advice would you give to others who want to start earning on their own?

Find what makes you passionate, share your passion, and monetize it! Bring it to light and put your name out there. If you have the ability, it’s your duty to serve and change the lives of others.

Any final thoughts, words of wisdom or feedback for the GreatAt team?