What is GreatAt?

GreatAt is the service provider’s swiss-army knife. All the tools you need, all in one place.

The world is full of complicated website builders, scheduling software, payment providers, online review sites - and we’ve been conditioned to use them all. Worse yet, we make our customers use them too.

GreatAt combines all the separate ways you run your business into one, easy-to-use app. Your customers no longer have to hop from service-to-service in order to accomplish the basics:

  1. Find, contact & chat with you.
  2. Schedule an available appointment, event or class.
  3. Pay & tip you for your services.
  4. Leave a rating and a review.
  5. Recommend you to their friends!

Simplify your life. Delight your customers. Grow your business.

What are people normally great at?

All kinds of things! People make money by selling their products or offering services like personal training, photography, music lessons, group workshops, cooking classes - you name it!

How does it work?

Simply sign-up, say what you do, and your GreatAt profile is ready for business! If you’d like, post some photos of your work and list a menu of services you commonly offer.

What are offers?

Offers are simply your personalized menu of services:

What if all my work is different and never the same price?

Jack-of-all-trades, handyman, odd jobs? No problem! You can still showcase your work on your GreatAt profile, chat with customers to work out the details, request a payment at any time, and build-up your positive reviews. Happy customers can still rate and review your work - even recommend you to their friends!

That’s it?

Yup. We built GreatAt to save you the headaches of creating a website, managing your schedule and setting-up payments. It just works.

How do I get paid?

As you begin accepting payments from customers, you’ll be asked to link and verify your bank account. Deposits are made to your bank account on a regular basis and are easily tracked from the ‘Payments’ section of your GreatAt account.

How do I get customers?

Your Instagram Followers, YouTube Subscribers and Facebook Fans all make great customers. Too often service providers fall into the trap of trying to do it all with their own expensive website and software subscriptions. Instead, GreatAt does everything you need while providing a delightful experience for your customers.

Does it cost anything?

While it’s free to sign-up, create your profile and share it with others, GreatAt does charge a 5% + $0.50 fee for each payment you receive. So, if you get paid $20, you’ll receive $18.50 to your bank account.

If you’re paying crazy fees for online marketplaces or giving your ‘web guy’ hundreds of dollars a month, it’s time to take control of your earnings with GreatAt. Learn more on our Pricing page.

What about taxes?

GreatAt provides you with payment reporting inside of the app, and will also email you a detailed transaction spreadsheet any time at your request. Given the complexities of how different states, cities and counties handle income taxes, and sales taxes for products vs certain services, it’s best to work with a Certified Public Account (CPA) who can help you with planning and compliance.

What if I need help?

Our team is standing by to respond to any questions you have. Contact Us!