Common Questions

...and answers too!

What is GreatAt?

You get one bio link on Instagram so use yours to get paid. GreatAt gives you an instant storefront for Instagram and your other social media accounts.

Instantly sell products, services and tickets from your Instagram bio. Instead of using a handful of different websites/services/software to get paid, GreatAt combines everything you need into one simple app.

Make life easy for you and your customers with GreatAt.

What are people normally great at?

All kinds of things! People make money by selling their products and offering services like personal training, music lessons, baking workshops, cooking classes - you name it!

How does it work?

Simply sign-up, list a few offers and paste your GreatAt profile link into your Instagram bio.

That’s it?

Yup. We built GreatAt to save you the headache of managing a website and setting-up payments. It just works.

How do I get paid?

As you begin accepting payments from customers, you'll be asked to link and verify your bank account. Deposits are made to your bank account on a regular basis and are easily tracked from the 'Payments' section of your GreatAt account.

How do I get customers?

Your Instagram Followers, YouTube Subscribers and Facebook Fans all make great customers. Too often Influencers fall into the trap of trying to do it all with their own expensive website. Instead, GreatAt does everything you need while making the buying process a breeze for your customers.

Does it cost anything?

While it's free to sign-up, create your profile and share it with others, GreatAt does charge a 5% + $0.50 fee for each payment you receive. So, if you get paid $20, you'll receive $18.50 to your bank account.

Stop paying your 'web guy' hundreds of dollars a month and take control of your earnings. Learn more on our Pricing page.

Is it worth it?

We’d love to see you earn more than you’re earning now. If you give us a try and don’t earn anything, then you won’t pay anything.

Anything else?

Sure. GreatAt is currently available to qualified users 18 and older in the United States.

What if I need help?

Our team is standing by to respond to any questions you have. Contact Us!

You only get one Instagram bio link...

Use yours to sell products, services and tickets!