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Congratulations on joining the millions of people who have decided to become an independent earner! Whether you’re looking to earn extra income on the side or build a thriving personal business, GreatAt gives you an incredibly easy way to showcase your work and make money doing what you love.

We built GreatAt so that you can focus on the things that get you paid. No more worrying about website building, payment processing, online reviews, or social media marketing. With GreatAt, it’s all built in - and it just works.

To get the most out of GreatAt, please follow the important guidelines below.

Welcome to The Greats!


One of the best ways to help ensure positive and safe experiences is to work with people you know personally, along with those referred to you by trusted contacts. That’s why we recommend getting started by sharing your GreatAt profile link on Facebook, Instagram, and with friends over email and text message.

Always use common sense and take the same precautions using GreatAt as you would when working with new customers through any other channels such as your business website or online directories like Craigslist.

Never put yourself at risk by meeting untrusted strangers. Instead, use your existing connections through social media to identify and work with trusted contacts and personal referrals.

Photos & Sharing

The most powerful way to showcase your work is by posting and sharing photos. You probably already have some great photos on your phone - or that you’ve posted to Facebook or Instagram. Now, you can use those same photos to show the world what you’re capable of and attract new customers. The ability to post videos is coming soon!

For example, a baker posts photos of their delicious creations. A car detailer posts photos of spotless vehicles they’ve cleaned. A dog sitter posts photos from their walks. A personal trainer posts results from their happy clients (with permission of course). A photographer posts - well, you get the idea...

The more you can show who you are and the work you do, the better! Built-in connections to Facebook help you reach a larger audience and gets your friends excited to recommend your work.

Over time, your photo feed (video coming soon) begins to tell your entrepreneurial story and how you provide great work to others. Prospective customers can begin to follow your profile today and decide to work with you later. Happy customers help you build-up strong ratings and reviews while referring you to others.

It’s all about building a following who supports what you’re doing and GreatAt makes it easy!


GreatAt allows you to communicate with prospective customers through our messaging features while protecting your personal contact information such as phone number and email address.

Each time you receive a new message, GreatAt will notify you by text message and/or email. You can control how you receive messages from others in the Notifications area of your account settings.

Being responsive to new messages demonstrates your level of professionalism and service to prospective customers.

Use GreatAt’s chat feature as an opportunity to learn more about prospective customers and to decide if working with them is right for you. Doing so also allows you to have a written record of agreed upon items such as the price and scope of services to be provided.

If something isn’t right, you can easily report suspicious behavior to our team. You can also use GreatAt’s chat feature to block unwanted messages.


Delivering excellent service to customers will increase your positive ratings and reviews on your GreatAt profile. Communicating clearly, being on time and delivering high-quality work are some of the best ways to conduct yourself as a service provider.

Payments & Refunds

Customers can easily pay you directly from your GreatAt profile or within a chat conversation. You’re also able to send a payment request to someone from the site. For a job well done, customers may choose to leave an additional tip during the payment process.

Payments will be automatically deposited on a regular basis into the bank account you link to your GreatAt account.

In the event of an appointment cancellation or mutual decision, you can easily refund a customer at any time. Doing so helps avoids disputes and can protect you from negative ratings and reviews.

GreatAt ensures that all customers have connected a valid payment method before they are able to contact you. Should you have trouble receiving a payment for any reason, simply contact our team for help.

Ratings & Reviews

Once completing a payment, customers are asked to rate your work and leave a review. Positive ratings and reviews bolster the strength of your profile and help increase earnings.

Only customers who have paid you are able to rate and review your work. Customers will also have the chance to share their positive review on Facebook and recommend your great work to their friends!

When viewing the Reviews area of your profile, you can easily respond to a review in order to thank the customer or clarify a rare complaint. These responses help demonstrate that you care about customers and strive to always improve the quality of your work. Always be constructive and courteous when responding to a customer’s review.

One Last Thing...

We strive for GreatAt to be a community of incredible independent service providers who really care about their customers. By making the choice to always go above and beyond for the people you serve, you will have truly earned your place amongst The Greats.

Happy Earning!  
- The GreatAt Team