Kyle “squid” Murray

Boxing and Kickboxing Trainer

San Diego, CA

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When I stepped into my first karate class at age 4 my life changed forever. I was a “special” child, I had trouble speaking and relating to others among... View More

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Jake T.
Jake T.

Took my first kickboxing class with Squid today and it was killer! He taught me all the basic kicks and then I put them into action on the bag. Always a good training sesh!!

Timmie S.
Timmie S.

Another great boxing sesh with Kyle. Every work out gets better and better 💪🏻

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Timmie S.
Timmie S.

Kyle is an amazing teacher. I had never boxed before , and he left me feeling like a pro after our first session. I am always looking for new, fun and interesting ways to work out and this was all of the above. I’d highly recommend him!

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